Feb 23, 2014

Chapter 24 - Fired

The story so far ... Celia Thomas has been running into trouble as she searches for her long-lost brother. After escaping from an attack in Venice she gets home to find her flat has been burgled. But that's not the worst thing to happen...

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Feb 16, 2014

Audio file chapters 22 and 23...

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End change to chapter 23

Working on chapter 24 for ages this morning, scratching my head and trying to think how to get Celia to the next stage. She now needs to try to back out of this adventure, feeling that it's all too much for her and she wants her quiet life back again. And I also have a second more banal problem which is I start too many chapters with the words 'It was....'. The more I try to think of alternatives the more my computer tries to put them into the beginning of 24 as well.
Well, I think I've finally found the answer, but to make it work I had to change the end of Chapter 23 'Burglars'. I've changed it in the post below, but - in the interests of providing excellent customer service - I provide it here so as to save you the effort of scrolling. Are you ready? Really ready? Here it is:

"Which meant, thought Timothy, his next task was to make sure she lost her job."

Doesn't that make you impatient to see what happens to poor Celia next?

Feb 11, 2014

Chapter 23 - Burglars

Have you ever been burgled? It's a horrible feeling knowing that somebody has been going through your own things with evil intent. This chapter has not one but two burglaries in it. Make sure you lock your doors properly tonight!
The story so far ... Franz and Celia are on their way back to Munich after Celia's adventures in Venice, but trouble is following them. And Ivan Kaiec's prediction looks likely to come true...

Chapter 23 – Burglars can now be found on the right under 'Good Stuff'.